Plant Description

Fujairah 1 Independent Water and Power Plant (FIWPP) is situated at the shore of Gulf of Oman approximately 180 KM from Dubai, UAE in Fujairah Emirates. The plant has a gross capacity of 893 MW of power generation and 130 MIGD (Million imperial gallons per day) of water.

The plant is in operation since 15th June, 2004 by UWEC (DoE). Emirates Sembcorp Co / SembCorp Gulf O & M Co took over the management of the plant w.e.f. 27th Sep, 2006 following PWPA closing on this date.

-Fujairah Plant Configuration








The facility consists of a combined cycle power plant, sea water desalination plants and RO water plant, comprising:

  • Four (4) GE 9E GT Generators each rated 106.1 MW at RSC.
  • Four (4) Doosan HRSG with supplementary duct firing having a capacity of 390 t/h at 64 barg and 535 Deg C.
  • One (1) GE 9FA GT Generators each rated 219.5 MW at RSC.
  • One (1)Nooter HRSG with supplementary duct firing having a capacity of 535 t/h at 70 barg and 535 Deg C.
  • Two (2) Siemens Back pressure ST Generator unit 119 MW each.
  • Five (5) Doosan Multi Stage Flash (MSF) Desalination units of 12.5 MIGD / each unit.
  • One (1) Degremont Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant of 37.5 MIGD.
  • Potable Water Tank Farm with five (5) Tanks of 20 MIG each.

The GT’s are GE heavy duty units designed for outdoor installation. The primary fuel is natural gas and the secondary fuel is distillate. Each GT is equipped with a dry low NOx (DLN) combustion system to control exhaust emissions while firing natural gas. Water injection will control the NOx emissions during gas oil firing. 4 nos GE 9EGT’s are also provided with a bypass stack and hydraulic operated damper to permit simple cycle operation of the GT without heat input to the HRSG.

The HRSGs are duct fired, single pressure, natural circulation drums with horizontal gas flow, and designed and constructed to operate within the maximum exhaust gas flow and temperature ranges of the GTs. The HRSGs are designed for outdoor installation. Each HRSG is also provided with a carbon steel stack that is 55 m in height.

The ST is a Siemens non reheat, backpressure, single case unit designed for indoor installation.

The Desalination plant is provided by Doosan and consist of five identical MSF units and associated support facilities that are each capable of supplying 12.5 MIGD, for a total 62.5 MIGD (290,944 m3 per day). The plant includes the associated intake structure station, and interface to the existing product water storage tanks.

Simple Cycle:

The plant is designed for continuous simple cycle operation with either one or all GTs operating. In order to meet exhaust gas emissions, each GT shall be operated between 61 % and 100 % load.

Combined Cycle:

The plant is designed for continuous combined cycle operation with either one or all GTs operating, with ST operating and with one or more desalination units operating. All of the GT exhaust is discharged through the HRSG to produce high pressure (HP) steam. All of the medium pressure (MP) steam is produced by pressure reducing and de-superheating the HP steam to meet the ejector steam requirement of the desalination units of 14 barg and ~220 Deg C. The HP steam is bypassed to the low pressure (LP) header by pressure reducing and de-superheating the steam to the LP steam header conditions of approximately 2.3 barg and 142 Deg C.

Water from the five (5) Distillers & RO plant is taken by a single pipeline to the common header through the Potable Water Plant to the potable water tanks.

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